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She's back and I'm right by her side! Autumn Calabrese brings us her 10th Beachbody workout program and I am beyond grateful to have been part of this journey from the very beginning!

This is hands down my new favorite Beachbody workout! And being in the workout videos was truly the icing on the cake. Pinch me now!!!

Anddddd, you also get Off The Wall with this program which is an entirely new set of workouts (9 week program) using only other equipment needed.


After 3 years, my bestie Autumn Calabrese brings us a brand new workout that will seriously CHANGE YOUR LIFE...just like it has changed mine! A 9 Week program broken down into 3 phases where each week in each phase, the workouts ramp up in intensity and difficulty...just when we get stronger, she challenges us with compounded movements and tougher exercises!

My 53-year-old husbands always says, "I love that these workouts work my muscles and NOT my joints!" And his results are AMAZINGGGG!!!

And here's what being a CONTROL FREAK is...

It means to take control of our decisions. Take control of the things we CAN control and let go of the things we can't (like the scale not moving even though we are 100% with our workouts AND our nutrition). Take control of our health. Take control of our mindset. Take control of our food.

9 Week Control Freak is:

  • 3 Phases (each phase is 3 weeks)

  • 18-30 minutes per workout, 5 days per week

  • 3 DIFFERENT types of training each week including Autumn's DCT-T: Density, Complex (never put down your weights), and Tabata style Training!

  • Ultimate Portion Fix - Autumn's portion controlled meal system that takes the guesswork out of it for us. This is the one I use!

  • Or choose to follow 2B Mindset nutrition program.

  • You will get this equipment in select packages: Control Track, Core Ball, and the Step if you don't already have one. You will also need a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells but mostly light and medium.

This is endurance training at its finest. I haven't felt or seen my body like this is a very long time!!! This is the first time EVER that I have looked forward to my workout every single day because EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT IS DIFFERENT except for one workout. I love being able to repeat these workouts so that I can go up in weights each week!

I have only 1 gripe...this should be 52 Week Control Freak ;)

Try 9 WEEK CONTROL FREAK Tabata Cardio workout for free!

Just push play.

Here's what you get:

  • VIP Early Access before it becomes available in May 2021.

  • 45 workouts 18-30 min each

  • 45 nighttime Controlled Stretches

  • 10 extra Bonus workouts targeting specific muscles.

  • 5 "Remote Control" workouts you can take with you or when you don't have access to weights.

  • 2 Nutrition Plans: Ultimate Portion Fix & 2B Mindset (you get to choose which plan to follow)*

  • Custom Meal Plan in my Virtual Bootcamp

  • Superfoods Meal Replacement*

  • Performance Supplements*

  • Control Track (mount on a door or wall), Core Ball, Step*

  • AND ME as your Coach and a private group on a free app where I coach you through and help get the best results!


*in select packages

And now you get OFF THE WALL workouts included in your package.

NEW 9 week program using just dumbbells and your body weight.

Packages Available

For our new Members


For our existing BOD Members


or OFF THE WALL packs 

no equipment


...and I will send you a custom link to complete your order. 

Our test group results!

Behind the scenes fun...

Click HERE to be part of my next Virtual Machine part of my Team Machine Fit Fam...MACHINES THAT NEVER QUIT!

I will coach you through your fitness AND nutrition to not only help you get results…but KEEP THEM! 

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