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Barre Blend is a low-impact, high intensity, and high-energy workout that will help you create a lean, sculpted, and toned physique blending ballet barre (you don't need any dance experience), Pilates, and cardio interval training. Trainer Elise Joan will keep you motivated and positive every step of the way as you chisel your body, mind, and spirit during this 60-day program.

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What makes this unique?

It's our first ever barre program on Beachbody On Demand with Elise Joan, barre expert, professional dancer, and 3 Week Yoga Retreat co-creator. Full body workouts that include high-rep, small-range movements and isometric holds (aka burn), as well as compound full-range movements. 30-40 minute workouts 5 days per week.

I am a trained professional dancer with over 30 years of professional dance training...and I am sooooo excited to return to the barre and be in my happy place. And I'm even more excited to help you get results...because my body and spirit are at its ABSOLUTE BEST when I'm in my element. And you don't have to be a dancer or have any dance training at all.

Who is Elise Joan?


Elise is a former professional dancer who has taught barre-based fitness and yoga for over a decade. She is a truly inspiring mind/body professional who leads with a positive, joyful mindset. She holds multiple fitness certifications and is the co-creator of 3 Week Yoga Retreat. She has been a wellness expert and host with Lifetime Television, ABC News, E!, Extra, CBS News, and To know is to absolutely love her. We crossed paths over 15 years ago and I am so happy she is part of our Beachbody family! Get ready for her to kick your booty (literally and figuratively)...all with love.


What to Expect

A low-impact, high-intensity full body workout that can be done with or without a barre. A sturdy chair works too!

  • 2 prep workouts - 20-min Classic Full Body Blend and 20-min Cardio Blend

  • 60 day program, 5 workouts per week broken into 4 phases. The moves and difficulty level change every 2 weeks.

  • 5 Bonus 10-minute enhancement workouts for extra toning.

  • 3 Recovery workouts

  • 60 Daily I AM affirmation cards + 5 blank cards to set your own Intention.

Packages Available

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